How To Respond To “Play Something I Can Dance To”

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Photo by Martin Terber

Whether you’re a mobile or club DJ, you’re bound to get someone rude saying this to you. You’ll get someone come up to you (usually a girl/woman) asking you to play a song she can dance to while the dance floor is packed. The initial gut reaction is to take it personal or tell her “tough sh**” and “I don’t take requests.”

Most DJs have heard this dreaded phrase even while the dance floor is packed and people are having a great time. But what do you do or say? [Continue reading]

Should I Hire A DJ Assistant?

dj setup

Want to save your back and have someone else setup all your DJ gear for your mobile events? It’s the only way to go and costs less than you might think. Seriously, if you could pay someone to do all the hard work of setting up your DJ gear, how … [Continue reading]

How To Get The Crowd Going As A Club DJ

club dj

Did you actually think DJing was just about playing music? It's about creating an experience for everyone in attendance and interacting with them in an organic way through music, MCing and lighting. As a club DJ, sometimes it takes the planets to … [Continue reading]

How To Beat Match

turntables mixer

After scouring the internet for the most basic of basic beat mixing tutorials, this video really hammers down the basics of beat matching / mixing. DJ Magic Wong goes into music in 8 count and how important it is to understand where to start and … [Continue reading]

10 Steps To Create A DJ Website With WordPress

dj website

Wordpress is THE standard when it comes to building blogs, but it’s also a fantastic way to build a DJ website.  Wordpress is a CMS (Content Management System), which means you can organize your website content using a graphical user interface.  … [Continue reading]